How you can benefit from crowd funding

If you ever wanted to start a new business and needed cash to get it off the ground, you will know how hard it is to find capital to get a great idea started.

The banks only want to borrow money to people who already have money and even then they are very reluctant to lend money to a new business.

You can borrow money on the black market, but normally the lenders are sharks who charge you interest in the region of 24% per year or they want the bulk of shares in the company or the idea you started.

This is where crowd funding can help.

Crowd funding is by definition, “the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.”

There are some web sites where you can register as either an investor or a business seeking funding.

In South Africa the most popular crowd funding web site is .
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Make Money selling LNB Protectors


The LNB of your satellite dish (also known as the eye) normally only lasts about 2 years. The sun and rain damages it and it have to be replaced.

The cost of a new LNB is about R280.00 without installation.

Another problem is that during heavy rain the signal is very poor.

There is a nice new product, invented and manufactured by a fellow South African which protects the LNB from rain and sun. This extends the lifespan of the LNB by several years.
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Gauteng eTolls explained – why it can’t work

Why the Gauteng eToll system is a bad idea and will not work.

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FNB Ad – This is what the anc DOES NOT stand for

This ad was widely criticized by the anc and FNB decided to can these ads.

In my opinion this is a very powerful message to all South Africans and I hope more people can think this way.

The article where they are accused of treacherous attack

The article where they canned the ad

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Goodbye Acrobat Reader

For some time now I have been frustrated with Acrobat Reader. It is a big slow program which likes to make huge updates. It uses more than 100 Mb of disc space.

I once caught while it  was trying to do an automatic update to the tune of about 110 Mb. At the time I did not know about it and soon learned that the default setting on it is to do automatic updates. If you do not know to always go and switch off Acrobat’s automatic update feature then it will eat all your bandwidth.

I know in 1st world countries bandwidth is not a problem because you get it for free or pay virtually nothing for it, but in South Africa it is hell expensive and you cannot allow a program like Acrobat to steal your bandwidth.
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Solution to South African’s problems – Makes Sense

email I received:
The person who wrote this should be PRESIDENT! – BRILLIANT!

Dear President Zuma,

Please find below our suggestion for fixing South Africa ‘s economy.

Instead of giving billions of rands to the government that will
squander the money on lavish parties and unearned bonuses, use the
following plan.

You can call it the Patriotic Retirement Plan :

There are about 10 million people over 50 in the work force.

Pay them R2 million each severance for early retirement with the
following stipulations :

1) They MUST retire.
Ten million job openings – unemployment fixed Read more ›

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Can you make money with an online shop?

Make money with online shop

Can you Make money with an online shop?

You will note that I have not posted anything on my blog for some 5 months or so.

The reason is that I became extremely busy

I cannot remember how it happened, but I started an online shop selling LED lights and 4×4 Accessories. See

We often see newspaper articles saying that online sales are rising. More and more people are buying goods online.

I think people are working all day, then sit in traffic and only get home after the shops closed. So they do not have time to visit the shops and that is why online shops make so much sense. You order your goods and it gets delivered at work or home.

If I look at what online shops in other countries have to offer I think online shopping in South Africa is at the tip of the iceberg . There are still lots of potential for us.

Can you really make money with an online shop?

It all depends on your setup and the product you are selling. If you run a professional service with good and fast delivery and the correct product with a big enough profit you will make money. Read more ›

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Books to read for success

Books for Success

Books for Success

I created a page where I added (and will continue to add) the most meaningful books I have read over the years.

Because blog posts tend to get lost as you add new ones I decided to add these books to a fixed page instead.

The page with my top books is at


To see a list of more business related books, see


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Make Money Selling Pre-Paid Airtime

Here is a way to make money without having to pay any monthly or joining fees.

You make money by simply buying pre-paid airtime and selling it to your friends, colleagues or clients

There are two systems available:

1. is for the smaller retailer who sell more than R150.00 worth of airtime per month. This is a web based system. You can also use it on your smart phone. You simply buy the airtime on the web site and then sell it to your client. When you buy the airtime you have the option of viewing it on screen, printing it, email it or sms it to your client (sms at your cost). You get a flat rate of 5% discount on all the networks. This includes Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, Virgin Mobile, Telkom, Worldchat, Neotel, WorldCall, 8.ta, Bela, Eskom. You can also recharge our special low call cost handsets if you have one. Talk to us about it. (Note: there is no discount on ESKOM, it is for convenience only.)… Read more ›

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Be Motivated Today Oct 2011 Newsletter

The newsletter we received from Be Motivated Today shows that the depth builder strategy is working.

You can join Be Motivated Today at

Hi Pieter

September was another good month. We had just under 200 new Members upgrade.

Welcome to all our new Bronze and Silver Members. It’s great to have you on board.

We hope your membership will be enjoyable and wish you much success.


Be Motivated Today celebrates its 3rd birthday this weekend. We have had 3 years of growth, with members earning passive incomes every month. We have given hope to thousands of people. Those who have persevered have reaped the rewards of their labor.

We move into a new era with the implementation of the Depth Builder Strategy. It is a strategy that helps everyone. Capable and successful members move their members deeper into their matrix and provide security for themselves and financial relief for their members… Read more ›

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Living Debt Free

I often enjoy Gary Wilde’s newsletter and today I received one of those emails which I wish everybody in this world could read. What he says make so much sense and I hope more people will realise it.

If I had to count on my fingers the number of times someone has told me that their struggle with debt is not their fault, I would need a lot more fingers than I have! When people tell me this, I can see they really believe it… but is this true?

People get great satisfaction out of being praised or applauded for their successes and achievements in life, because it appeals to their need to be socially accepted, appreciated, admired and respected. As a result, people are very enthusiastic about taking the credit for their achievements and triumphs! Read more ›

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Disable your ad blocker?

Did you know that web sites like these are only free because they generate an income from ads. Your ad blocker is one of the reasons why the internet will one day not be for free anymore. Would you please de-activate your ad blocker?