Make Money Selling Pre-Paid Airtime

Here is a way to make money without having to pay any monthly or joining fees.

You make money by simply buying pre-paid airtime and selling it to your friends, colleagues or clients

There are two systems available:

1. is for the smaller retailer who sell more than R150.00 worth of airtime per month. This is a web based system. You can also use it on your smart phone. You simply buy the airtime on the web site and then sell it to your client. When you buy the airtime you have the option of viewing it on screen, printing it, email it or sms it to your client (sms at your cost). You get a flat rate of 5% discount on all the networks. This includes Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, Virgin Mobile, Telkom, Worldchat, Neotel, WorldCall, 8.ta, Bela, Eskom. You can also recharge our special low call cost handsets if you have one. Talk to us about it. (Note: there is no discount on ESKOM, it is for convenience only.)…

Registration at is free and there are no monthly fees. The only criteria is that you have to buy at least R150.00 worth of airtime per month

2. The second system is for the bigger business, the store owner, restaurant or spazza shop. To qualify for this system you need to sell at least R10,000.00 worth of airtime per month. The system is called . The POS stands for “Point Of Sale”. With this system you get to download our free software which will enable you to buy airtime directly via your till (Point of Sale) . The discount you get on this system varies between the different size voucher. You can get as much as 16% discount on the airtime you buy.

The software is very easy to setup and is the ideal why to up-sell your clients when they pay at the till. Next time you go to Clicks, note how they ask all their clients if they would like to buy airtime. They wont do it if they were not making enough from this. I know of a big name supermarket in Rustenburg who sells R550,000.00 worth of airtime per month. The group have their own system in place, but by switching to this system the store owner earn an extra 2% on all his airtime. On R550K that is an extra R11,000.00 per month in his pocket just because he switched to this system.

If you run a shop or restaurant, give it a try, register for free at


Happy selling



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  1. You asked the question at the wrong place, this is the airtime post. But anyway, I have tried Megadroid but stopped it. You win and win and win and then the market conditions change and all of the sudden Megadroid makes one huge loosing trade which looses everything you gained during a month or two. And so does most of these trading robots. You test them, they run well for a month or two or even 3, you think they are working well and all of the sudden they turn around and loose your money.

  2. Hello, has someone honestly made use of the forex megadroid forex trading application? I would certainly like to test it out but almost all of the review web-sites on the Web are in reality affiliate websites, regards in advance

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